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Save On Heat Pumps In Virginia

If you're looking for a heat pump solution in your home in Virginia, then trust the experts and speak with the team at Appleton Campbell Heating & Air. Read from our other happy customers here and about our first class customer care here.

Geothermal Energy for your Virginia home

For one of the most energy efficient solutions to heat or cool your home or office in Virginia consider the geothermal system and speak with the team with over 15 years specialised experience and call Appleton Campbell Heating & Air . You'll save on utility costs without compromising on comfort year after year. Read testimonials from customers who have been delighted with our care and professionalism here and about our commitment to you of providing satisfaction guarantee service here.


We help make the decision of purchasing a geothermal system for your home or office easy with free estimates plus we'll show you how you can make utility savings of anywhere between 30 and 70%.


The system begins by circulating water through the earth loop where it absorbs heat energy from the earth. The warm water is sent to the heat exchanger where refrigerant absorbs the heat from the water. The cold water returns to the earth loop to pick up more heat energy.

The heat energy picked up by the heat exchanger is in the form of refrigerant gas and travels from the heat exchanger to the compressor. In the compressor the temperature of the refrigerant rises dramatically. The superheated refrigerant gas travels to the heat exchanger where the heat pump’s blower circulates the air across an air coil. This increases the temperature of the air which is then blown through ductwork and circulated through the home or office. After the refrigerant has released the heat energy, it flows back to the earth loop exchanger to start the process again.


The system for cooling works much the same way as geothermal heating does. The water circulating in the earth loop is warmer than the surrounding ground causing the water to release energy and become cool. It flows to the heat exchanger inside the heat pump. There the compressor releases heat energy into the water and the water returns to the ground.

The refrigerant inside the compressor that just released the heat energy is now a cold liquid and travels to the heat exchanger. Here the heat pump’s blower circulates warm, humid air from the home across the cold air coil. This process creates cold air which is distributed throughout the home or office. The refrigerant in the air coil picks up the heat from the air, takes it to the compressor, and then to the earth loop heat exchanger to start the process over again.


The geothermal system has the potential to be so energy efficient that you could be saving up to 70% on the utility costs of heating or cooling your home or office.


By using nature's gift to help heat and cool your home or office, you're reducing your impact on the environment with a lower carbon footprint.


With more than 15 years specialist experience at installing and maintaining geothermal systems, you can relax knowing you're in the safe hands of experienced professionals. We're able to talk you through the operation and benefits of your geothermal system as well as provide expert advice and answer your questions on how you can gain maximum energy efficiency as well as comfort.

To benefit from over 15 years specialised experience, professionalism and first class service for your geothermal heating and cooling solutions, call and speak with the experts at Appleton Campbell Heating & Air today.

Save On Boilers in Virginia

For expert boiler repairs and new installations in your home in Virginia, choose the experts at Appleton Campbell Heating & Air. With over 40 years experience we're already the trusted professionals of choice for other homes's boiler needs. Read testimonials from some of those customers here and about our satisfaction guaranteed service commitment here.

Save On Heating in Virginia

Trusted Over 40 Years. Rapid Service. A+ Rated By BBB.

For rapid local repairs, expert advice and new installations for your home's heating solutions in Virginia, depend on the professionals at Appleton Campbell Heating & Air.


You'll be quoted in advance the full price of any work required and that price remains fixed right through to completion. Call Appleton Campbell Today

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Why Choose Appleton Campbell?

With Appleton Campbell, you're assured of the best in customer service. From your first call through to after service care and beyond you'll be treated to 1st class customer care. Read what already delighted customers had to say about their experience here.


Choose from convenient appointment times and relax knowing we won't keep you waiting as our technician will arrive on time.


You'll be quoted in advance the full price of any work required and that price remains fixed right through to completion.


We've been the trusted choice for homes in Virginia since we opened our doors in 1976 and look forward to being your choice too.


When we come to your home premises we'll take care to minimize mess with the use of mats and boot covers and will clean up before leaving.


We'll gladly listen to your concerns and questions, and help any way we can.


Being both family owned and operated, we believe in treating our customers the same way we'd expect to be treated.


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Delighting Customers Every Day

  • Had to replace a 22 year old HVAC system. Wanted to put in ductless system. Couldn’t be happier with choice. Everyone we dealt with were helpful- explained everything so we understood. Dave took time to come here to check and re-check that what was being install was going to be right for the room. Installers were fantastic!! Can’t say enough good things about them. Thank you to all involved- we love it.

    N. Amy, Warrenton

    Seth provided very detailed answers to a number of technical questions we had during his visit. He was knowledgeable and thorough in explaining various business options for us to consider so that they were easily understood . He provided a friendly attitude and conveyed to us a feeling of trust and confidence in he himself and in Appleton Campbell.

    M. Tony, Fairfax
  • Both plumbers (Kenny & Danny) were professional and very helpful when we had the water pipe break. They fixed the line and gave us the ability to use our water a few hours after the incident. We would recommend Appleton Campbell to anyone who needs good repair work.

    H. Robert, Haymarket

    We use Appleton for both our Plumbing and HVAC. Highly recommended, fair pricing, well trained staff, well managed organization, great follow up. They stand behind their work and the products they use. They have serviced our home for several years and we refer them to friends and colleagues.

    B. Jerry, Jeffersonton
  • Our HVAC unit was collecting mold and mildew and likely affecting the quality of our air throughout the house. Thanks to Davey, Roger, and Jesse, we now have the Air Scrubber system which will keep the system clean and mold free. Thanks so much for recommending and installing the system. We're very pleased and relieved!

    K. Kathy and Steve, The Plains

    Our thanks to Mike Loy, who on 19 November 2018, replaced our "broken" basement toilet with a new TOTO toilet. He provided us with the option to either replace the broken parts, or, to replace the old toilet itself. Although there was a price difference between the two options, we chose the latter based on Mike's recommendation, and because, in the past, your technicians have always provided us with the best guidance. Knowledgeable and courteous, Mike was just what we have come to expect from your entire team. Please pass on our "job well done" to Mike.

    L. Walter, Warrenton